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Interested in acquiring a new photographic skill set or refreshing an old one? This is your chance. In late October, during three, two-hour Zoom sessions, our new offering, “A Beginner’s Guide To Garden Photography,” will lead you through the process of selecting your gear, identifying interesting and attractive subjects, and photographing the wonderful things you see here at Tyler Arboretum and elsewhere. Whether you’re an iPhone photographer or the proud owner of a pricey DSLR or mirrorless camera, the course will help you optimize your results and identify peripherals that improve your images.

Because photography is a wonderful combination of searching, finding and capturing images that show off the world around us, the first two Zoom sessions will focus on what gear you have or want, and on the basics of garden photography. The third Zoom session will provide an opportunity to share and critique some of the images we’ve taken. We’ll grow by learning some of the tricks of the field and putting to use what we’ve learned by discussing the images we’ve shot and what others have captured. Be you a neophyte or a veteran, if you’re interested in capturing images that will fill your heart with pride and your walls with beauty, this course will give you what you seek.  Classes not sold separately.  

Members: $35; Non-Members: $45

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