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Join us for this pop-up as we share the impact of Invasive Species in honor of Mother Earth. You’ll also be able to assist with removing Garlic Mustard for the Orange/Pink Trail edges in this area.

Why is Garlic Mustard bad?

Garlic mustard is a threat to the biodiversity of many native ecosystems.

This plant spreads its seeds in the wind and gains a foothold in fields and forests by emerging earlier in spring than many native plants. By the time native species are ready to grow, garlic mustard has blocked their sunlight and outcompeted them for moisture and vital nutrients.

Because the forest’s understory is so important for insects and other species at the bottom of the food chain, invaders like garlic mustard can weaken the entire ecosystem.

Further, garlic mustard’s roots release chemicals that alter the important underground network of fungi that connect nutrients between native plants, inhibiting the growth of important species like trees.

How can you help?

Join Natural Areas Volunteers outside Gate #7 (Pink Hill Trail Gate) from 10 am to 2 pm to learn more about this invasive species and spend a little time helping remove garlic mustard. We will show you how to identify and properly remove this plant from our trail’s edge.

When you arrive, stop by the Visitor Center Patio, where you can taste some garlic mustard pesto and be directed to Gate #7.



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