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A solo show of new artworks by Jessica Libor, presented by Era Contemporary Gallery at the Tyler Arboretum.

About this event

Guests are invited to Preternatural, a solo show of new artworks by Jessica Libor, presented by Era Contemporary Gallery on location at Tyler Arboretum in their Garden Barn Loft, amidst the garden grounds.

The works will all be new, created in 2022 by Philadelphia artist Jessica Libor locally, and also in her summer residency in France. All art will be for sale and available to collect.

Guests are invited to BYOB! There will be live music as well.

In the words of the artist, her inspiration for Preternatural:

My next level vision for my artistic practice is creating a new body of work I call Preternatural. I envision a magical and strong set of 10 paintings depicting heroines from legends and fairy tales within woodland settings, incorporating spiritual symbols and geometry interwoven within the landscapes and environments that hold the figures. I envision the figures emerging from their surroundings, and a rich, free and juicy paint application juxtaposed with delicate rendering of the figures. My goal with this body of work is for viewers to see themselves within the women and feel their spirit, leaving inspired. Preternatural is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “out of the ordinary course of nature; exceptional, outside of nature, supernatural. ” Because of the reference to nature, I would include installations from nature that accompany each painting, such as interesting shaped tree roots, mushrooms or flower installations that compliment each painting. The effect would be one of immersion and exploration within an enchanted woodland.

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