Reserve Your Members-Only Plant Sale Preview Arrival Time Slot


Members-Only Plant Sale Preview FAQ

When is the Members-Only Plant Sale Preview?

The Members-Only Plant Sale Preview is on Friday, May 6.

When can members pre-register for a Plant Sale Preview arrival time slot?

Members can begin pre-registering on April 4 for their Plant Sale Preview arrival time slot. Online pre-registration will stay open through 6 pm the day of the Plant Sale Preview.

What are the arrival time options for the Members-Only Plant Sale Preview?

Members must pre-register in advance for one of eight arrival time slots (below). Please note, you can shop as long as you want until the sale closes for the day at 7 pm:

11 am – 12 pm arrival – SOLD OUT

12 pm – 1 pm arrival – SOLD OUT

1 pm – 2 pm arrival – SOLD OUT

2 pm – 3 pm arrival – SOLD OUT

3 pm – 4 pm arrival – SOLD OUT

4 pm – 5 pm arrival – SOLD OUT

5 pm – 6 pm arrival – SOLD OUT

6 pm – 7 pm arrival

Will I need my membership card or membership ID number when pre-registering?

No, you won’t need your membership card or ID. Your account will link to your membership based on your contact information.

I am trying to pre-register. How do I sign in to verify I am a member?

First, go to the registration page for your preferred time slot. Then you must either register for an online account or sign in to the one you’ve already created. The account registration/sign-in box is in the upper right-hand corner on the event registration page.

If you are registering for the first time, be sure to use the same contact information you used to sign up for your membership. This is important so your online account can automatically link to your membership.

After you’re signed in, add the event to your shopping cart and check out. There is no charge for this event.

If you’re having trouble, Joanne and Nicole can answer your questions. Nicole can be reached 9 am – 5 pm at 610-566-9134, ext. 209 or Joanne can be reached 9 am – 2 pm at 610-566-9134, ext. 303 or

Someone I know is not a member but wants to attend the Members-Only Plant Sale Preview. Can they join as a member now and have access to the preview?

Absolutely! Anyone who is not currently a member can sign up for a membership and then sign up for a Plant Sale Preview time slot. They will also receive the 5% member discount on plants at the sale as a member.

I’m having problems registering or signing in to my account. Who should I contact?

We’re happy to help you through the pre-registration process! Joanne and Nicole will be answering your questions. Nicole can be reached 9 am – 5 pm at 610-566-9134, ext. 209 or Joanne can be reached 9 am – 2 pm at 610-566-9134, ext. 303 or

My family and I are coming to the Members-Only Plant Sale Preview, but we will all be in one car. How many people should I pre-register?

You will only pre-register for one adult per car, regardless of the number of people in your vehicle. There is no limit to how many members arrive in your vehicle.

Will walk-ins be allowed during the Members-Only Plant Sale Preview?

You must pre-register in advance to shop during the Members-Only Plant Sale Preview. If you are unable to pre-register in advance for Friday’s Members-Only Plant Sale Preview, you can still shop at the Plant Sale when it is open to the public on Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8. There is no pre-registration on these days. It is a walk-in event for everyone.

What should members bring to the Plant Sale Preview?

Members should bring proof of pre-registration. You can print out the ticket emailed to you or show it to us on your phone.

What COVID-19 safety protocols should I keep in mind when I attend?

Although the mask guidelines have recently changed, we encourage you to continue to mask indoors at Tyler Arboretum. Visitors are not required to wear masks outdoors. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Hand sanitizing stations are located at the Barn and Visitor Center.

Where will members go when they arrive?

Please park your car, then go to the Visitor Center patio to show a staff member your pre-registration ticket and give them the number of members in your vehicle. From there, you can grab a cart and head to the sale.

What is the discount on plants bought at the Members-Only Plant Sale Preview?

Members will receive a 5% discount on plants bought on any day of the Plant Sale.

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