Herbs for Mom

Sunday, May 10, 2020 is Mother’s day, a day to honor the sacrifices mothers made for their children.  The movement (in 1908) was made possible through funding by a local Philadelphia department store owner named John Wanamaker.  Today, families all over the country, give mothers a day off from her usual routine which means that we take mother out to brunch and perhaps enjoy a garden visit.  This Mother’s day, even though celebrations may be simplified, they still carry the message of how much we love and appreciate our Mom.
Mothers (and fathers) help us to do better and that’s how we feel about herbs. Herbs enhance dishes, provide calming scents and even relieve minor burns.  #HerbsforMom (May 9 to 10) is three days of celebrating Mother’s Day with one of our favorite subject, herbs.
Whether we think of it or not, we probably use or consume herbs every day.  The oregano on your pizza, the chamomile in your night cream or the lavender in your baby’s bath, they all come from herbs. Join us on this Zoom panel discussion with members of the Herb Society of America, Philadelphia Unit as we explore a myriad of herbs, their history, usage, garden tips for care and other wisdom from our “Sages.”  You will have a chance to ask questions of the expert panel who by the way have over 150 years of herb growing experience.

Registrations close Saturday, May 9 at 10am and the zoom link will be emailed to you by 11am.  Email Julia ahead with questions for the panel at jlo@tylerarboretum.org.