Spirit of Spring Fireside

Friday, April 14, from 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Nature Activities • Food, Beer, Music • Photography Show • Member Tree Giveaway

Free with Admission
Nature Activities • Food, Beer, Music • Photography Show

The Earth is sending us a message. Our wellness – and the wellness of the planet – are at stake. As we build a new normal following the acute chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, what we do with that message is up to us.

Earth Day 2023 is a time to look back and reflect on all we have accomplished for the natural world, everything we have experienced, and all we stand to lose. It is a time to look, listen, and learn from the messages the Earth sends us daily. It is a time to look forward into the future – to give our communities and ourselves the space to make a deliberate decision. What do we want the future to look like? And how can we make it happen?

Free with Admission | No Registration Necessary

Event Activities

The world comes alive in the spring – a crescendo of frogs singing, birds returning, flowers blooming and leaves unfurling after months of winter stillness.

Nature Tours and Citizen Science

At the top of every hour, join bird guide Dave Eberly for a birdsong experience in the meadow, Scientist Sue Fredrick for a tour of the ephemeral pools, or wildflower guide Dick Cloud to see wildflowers in the Native Woodland Walk.

Learn about the many citizen scientist projects at Tyler, the history of Earth Day, and more at tables staffed by expert volunteers.

Around the Fire

For our littlest visitors, we will have story time beside the fire with Miss Louisa, and s’more will be available for everyone to share as supplies last.

Entertainment and Photography Show

There will be two food trucks; Dos Gringos Food Truck and Mobile Mess Hall Food Truck. Beer is supplied by Dock Street Brewing, and musical guest is Therapy Barn Band.

In the Barn Loft, we will display images of the ecosystems that make up Tyler, all taken by our talented volunteer photographers, Barry Rubin, Dick Greenwood, Dave Eberly, and Dave Charlton, as well as the soundscapes of these beautiful 650 acres

Member Tree Giveaway

The trees we plant now will shelter our communities far into the future. We have focused on this for the Member Tree Giveaway in honor of Earth Day. The tree you receive is a species projected to survive well according to different climate models and will provide food or shelter for Pennsylvania wildlife.

We ask that you register for your tree and pick it up at our Spring Fireside between 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Registration begins on April 3 and continues until all trees are claimed. Not a member? Become one here!

Pick up your FREE tree on Friday, April 14!

Our Vision

The 21st Century is young, and its future is in our hands. If we have learned from the five decades since that first Earth Day – or from the past three years of living through a global pandemic – we need to reflect on those lessons and move forward. It is time to inspire the next wave of environmental change for every individual and every community across the globe. 

Join us at Tyler to connect to what the Earth tells us – so we can work together to grow a more sustainable future.

Event Timeline

Friday, April 14, 5:00 – 8:00 pm | 515 Painter Rd. Media, PA 19063

No Registration Necessary! This event is FREE to members, and Free with regular admission to visitors.

Nature Activities

Food, Beer, Music

Photography Show

Member Tree Giveaway

Friday, April 14, 5:00 – 8:00 pm | 515 Painter Rd. Media, PA 19063

Therapy Barn Band from Reading, PA play in the Barn Loft.

Tyler Members are invited to register for a free native tree.

At the top of each hour we will offer a story for children aged 3 – 6

Complimentary S’mores and Hot Chocolate from Tyler Arboretum

At the top of each hour, you can attend the following activites:

  • Scientist Sue Fredrick will lead visitors on a 30 minute tour to the ephemeral pools on the
    Scenic Loop to discuss amphibian ecology.
  • Wildflower Guide Dick Cloud will lead visitors on a 30-minute tour to see native
    Pennsylvania Wildflowers in the Native Woodland Walk.
  • Bird Guide Dave Eberly will lead visitors on a 30-minute walk up to the meadow beyond
    Gate 4 to experience the evening bird-song.
  • Visitors can learn more about the different citizen science (Nature’s Notebook) projects at Tyler and the history of
    Earth Day at different tables staffed by our expert volunteers.

Visitors can experience a photography show of different Tyler ecosystems featuring Barry Rubin, Dick Greenwood and Dave Charlton with write up from photographers and QR codes to blogs about these places.

Help create an Earth Day Mural guided by artist Victoria Lawrence.

Listen to soundscapes from the natural areas of Tyler Arboretum during activites in the Barn Loft.
Therapy Barn Band from Reading, PA play in the Barn Loft.

Mark Your Calendar!