Virtual Adult Group Presentations

If you can’t come to us, we can come to you with Virtual Presentations available for garden clubs, senior groups, corporations, civic associations, or other adult groups. Our aim is to connect you to Tyler’s diverse landscapes and programs through illustrated presentations.

A range of 45 minute, illustrated presentations on gardening or nature are available for up to 35 participants. Topics for these presentations include:

From Family Farm to Arboretum

Join us for a glimpse into the past as we share the history of the Minshall, Painter and Tyler families. Learn how they used the land and the buildings, including Lachford Hall, Painter Library, the Springhouse, Fruit Vault, and Greenhouse. We will cover the transition to public garden and explore the beauty of several of our gardens.

Ecological Gardening

Have you ever looked at your backyard garden and wondered if there was a way to manage everything more sustainably? Do you feel like you are working against nature instead of alongside it? Join us to learn more about the process of ecological gardening, a practice that gives gardeners the power to effect real environmental change—right from your own backyard.


Gardening for Pollinators

Your garden can be part of a patchwork of solutions that will help support our declining pollinator populations. You’ll discover great design tips and new favorite plants to keep your garden looking beautiful – and supporting birds, bees and butterflies – all year long.

Great Gardens of the Delaware Valley

Did you know Philadelphia is known as America’s Garden Capital? In fact there are 36 public gardens and arboreta located with 30 miles of Greater Philadelphia – the most in the country! This tour will highlight the beauty of Mt. Cuba Center, Chanticleer, Tyler Arboretum and Longwood Gardens.

Container Savvy

Ever wonder how beautiful and interesting containers are put together and how you can too?  Join Julia Lo Ehrhardt as she helps you develop your style, focus and knowledge.  This is not a class on what plants to use but on how you see plants.

Native Plants for the Home Landscape

How do you add beauty to your garden and also support a healthy ecosystem?  By using native plants, you support birds, insects and much more. Join us to learn about native plants that will do well in most home landscapes. We will also cover gardening routines that would help you to reduce weeding time and enjoy your garden more

Spring Ephemerals

Learn about the fascinating spring ephemerals, perennial plants that emerge quickly in the spring and die back to their underground parts after a short growth and reproduction phase.  You will hear how they time their flowering, and learn about interesting seed dispersal methods.  Many photos will be shared, most taken right at Tyler Arboretum.

Native Plants of Culinary Merit

Native plants are an ecologically valuable, and beautiful, addition to any balanced home garden. But did you know they can be delicious too? It’s true! For thousands of years people have relied on these plants for food and medicine. From the tops of trees down to the forest floor there are native plants that yield nuts, fruits, stems and leaves that can be eaten fresh, ground for flour or brewed for tea. Join us to learn more about the bounty of the Northeastern forest and how you could bring some fresh wild food right to your own backyard.

Our Virtual Programs are taught by Tyler staff and volunteers.

See biographies of the instructors here.

We welcome suggestions for topics that your group would like to explore. Pricing is for a virtual 45 minute illustrated presentation. Prices effective as of January 23, 2023.

Presentations offered weekdays, between the hours of 9 am – 8 pm

Off-site in person presentations are not currently being offered.


$10 per person for the first 15 attendees, then $5 per person up to 20 additional attendees. A $100 deposit is required upon booking.

Maximum of 35 attendees per virtual session

Minimum charge of $100 per presentation

To arrange for a presentation please download and complete our Virtual Program Request Form and send it to Terry Mallon at and we’ll get back to you to secure the date. Thank you!