The Pollinator Preserve

“…drink in the beauty and wonder at the meaning of what you see.” ― Rachel Carson

Spring started slowly at the Pollinator Preserve and then exploded in color from spring bulbs and emerging plants! The bees are buzzing, and each day brings a new insect, flower or bird to visit. As we enter our second year with the renovated gardens, we are already seeing increased vigor in the perennials and anticipate more flowering for our small visitors as they come to fill their needs.

What will 2022 bring? We will be growing vertically, inviting you to be involved in Citizen Science, and expanding our plantings. We have new viewing stands to allow you to see the wildlife more easily and a new puddling station to quench the thirst of insects. More volunteers have come forth to guide you through the Preserve, and more Pop-up Explainer Stations planned to share conversations, displays and tours. We will be expressing the why of what we are doing along the way. The why is what continues to motivate us, and it is the reason for our actions. You are our visitors, and our volunteers love nothing more than sharing the wonders of the Pollinator Preserve with you.

Take a moment to gaze quietly as you visit. Birds are finding this a safe haven as we discover them in the garden every day, even finding their way inside the netting. A small wren has her nest in one of our bee houses, and you may see her come and go. Another bird continues to visit a deteriorating log, disappearing inside for a minute. What is she up to? What might you discover? We think Rachel Carson has it right as we wonder at the meaning of what we are seeing.

We can’t wait to see the gardens transform and the butterflies and other insects visiting as we slip into the summer months. So come along with us on this journey in 2022, both here online and in-person at the Pollinator Preserve! Scroll down to learn more about our plant designs, articles, additional resources and more!

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