Welcome to Lucille’s Garden

Lucille’s Garden supports and enhances Tyler’s ongoing mission to provide children, adults, and families with opportunities to connect with nature through a beautiful garden display. Central to this site is the vegetable garden, surrounded by the children’s play area, rain garden, and dry garden. These displays excite the senses, offer solutions to landscape challenges, and support the community.

In Lucille’s we donate the food we grow to nourish our community here in Delaware County, and for use in educational programming here at Tyler. We believe that all people should have access to fresh, local produce and that knowing how to grow, harvest and prepare your own food builds resilience and wellness.

We invite visitors of all ages to stroll through the garden to appreciate the beauty of homegrown produce, flowers and herbs. We hope everyone who stops by will stay to soak up the peace and joy of this space, and learn and connect with the practice of growing food.

Explore below to discover resources to help you grow and maintain your own vegetable garden. We will be adding regular pop-ups during the summer season to help visitors learn more and engage with the garden in person. We look forward to growing with you!

We thank the following sponsors in helping us develop and deliver quality displays and programs:

Lucille and Dr. Jerry M. Francesco, Project W, Connelly Foundation, The Foundation for Delaware County, Sun East Charitable Foundation, PECO — An Exelon Company

A special thanks to Tyler volunteers for their tireless work in the gardens, and Joan McClintock for her beautiful artwork.

Also At Lucille’s Garden

The Ruin Garden

This landscape is located in the footprint of the old Spring House at Tyler. In this garden, you’ll find plants that tolerate dry, rocky conditions. Species include Kniphofia (torch lily), Campanula (bellflower) and Sedum (stonecrop). Stop by this garden to get ideas for dry and rocky portions of your landscape!

Children’s Play Area

The Children’s Play Area is located behind Lucille’s Garden. Kids (of all ages) are encouraged to climb and run in this space. Visitors can also find easy access to the Native Woodland Walk from this landscape. We ask that everyone keep to the gravel paths when returning to Lucille’s Garden. Thank you!

The Rain Garden

The Rain Garden beside the School House is intended to capture stormwater runoff from the Lucille’s Garden area, allowing the rain to filter slowly back into the soil. You’ll find species like Iris versicolor (blue flag iris) and Lobelia siphilitica (big blue lobelia). Stop by to get ideas for consistently wet places in your landscape!

Gardening Resources:

Blogs and Videos

Growing Vegetable Series

The Frugal Garden