At Tyler we believe that learning about nature, and specifically learning about gardening, botany, biology, entomology, the weather, the water cycle, ecology, ornithology, and conservation are essential elements to further our understanding and comprehension of the world and our place and part in its survival.

We believe that adults and children alike thrive when learning becomes fun and when it inspires them to discover more for themselves.

Multiple examples of peer-reviewed scientific research demonstrate that time spent in nature—either walking in the woods and meadows, or by getting our hands dirty while gardening—is good for us emotionally, physiologically, physically, and biologically.

Central to Tyler’s mission of providing programs and activities that fulfill community needs for information and education about plants and nature, we support lifelong learning and offer an extensive range of fun, lively, and informative classes, lectures, tours, programs, and trips for adults, children, families, and groups.

Your chance to build up your knowledge about conservation of the natural world and become a leader in your community through volunteer service – apply to the PA Master Naturalist program, hosted here at Tyler Arboretum. Hurry, deadline is February 1.  Learn More

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