Designs and Plant Lists

Change at the Pollinator Preserve is often due to the challenges we face, current scientific research and conversations with our visitors. We are lucky to have Master Gardeners, PA Master Naturalists, entomologists and very experienced volunteers on our team to bring forth issues and propose resolutions. Our winters are devoted to planning so our visitors experience beauty, fascination and discovery as they explore this space, whether or not someone is there to guide them through. Many of you tell us you have added plants to your own gardens based on what you see at the Pollinator Preserve. You share your stories with us and ask for ideas on how to attract pollinators at home. We do not take our responsibility lightly.

We know our plants will be healthier without the netting over the former Butterfly House. For now, the structure that supported the netting remains. This gives us an opportunity to grow some carefully selected vines on some of the poles. This also allows us to add additional plants, including some native shrubs that will both anchor the space and provide additional benefits to our insects.

We no longer have two separate garden spaces so we have connected the inside pathways to the outside gardens. It is easier to see across the entire space, as your line of sight is no longer blocked by the netting. No more running outside to watch a butterfly laying eggs or hummingbirds enjoying nectar.

We have also updated our signage throughout the space. We want you to know why we selected each plant, whether it is native to our area and any other pertinent features it may offer. You will see additional signage pointing out fascinating details about the ways plants communicate with the insects as they depend on each other for their existence.

We also know we will experience additional challenges in an open environment. We are planning for these too, propelled by our successes in 2022.

We hope to see you again this year! Our Education Stations will be held on a regular basis and our guides will be there daily to help you find the action. To read more about our journey, visit our Blogs and Videos. You can find the most current list of plants by downloading our Plant Lists. Download the 2023 Plant List sorted by Scientific Name or Download the 2023 Plant List Sorted by Common Name Gardens are an ever-evolving space; that’s part of what makes them so exciting! We hope that you will find something interesting to plant in your garden, whether through the plant list or by visiting in person.