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The Member Miles Challenge
Nature at Your Own Pace

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On your mark … Get set … Go!

Join in the fun with this DIY mile tracking challenge for you to complete on your own schedule. First, choose the number of miles you want to walk or run at Tyler by September 30, 2021. Then, head to Tyler and get started! Be sure to track every mile you complete on your tracking sheet. Rack up your miles even faster during our Members-Only Ride, Roll, & Stroll on Wednesday, August 11. During this special event, you can ride a bike, scooter, or other human-powered wheels on the Scenic Loop from 6-8PM.

Enjoy weekly mini-challenges, stay motivated with social media updates, and appreciate nature as you go. Hand in your tracking sheet at the Visitor Center at the end of the challenge and you’ll win a special Tyler prize.

To up your motivation, find a friend or two to sponsor you! These supporters will pledge to donate $1 (or more!) to Tyler for every mile you complete in this challenge. They can donate online here once the challenge has ended. They’re supporting your hard work and donating to the care of Tyler at the same time.

SPONSORS: Click here to donate your pledged amount. Thank you for supporting Tyler Arboretum!

Members-Only Ride, Roll, & Stroll

Thank you for joining us for the last Ride, Roll, & Stroll of the season! It was so nice to see everyone enjoying time on the Scenic Loop in a way that they’re not able to during our regular hours.

There was a fantastic turnout during both events, even with rescheduling due to weather in our final stretch. So many smiling faces and wheels of all kind! Take a look at the photos captured during the event taken by volunteer photographer Barry Rubin, and by Nicole O’Malley on roller skates. We will see you next summer for another round of Ride, Roll, & Stroll!

Ride, Roll, & Stroll