When we began the process of enhancing the Butterfly House and surrounding gardens, we knew it was going to be a journey of discovery. We needed to assess what worked in the space before as well as the challenges we faced. We then needed to ask ourselves how this space can encourage our visitors to do more and see more for a longer time. Our previous space was “open” for butterfly viewing from mid July to beginning of September. We wanted more. From the first site analysis to the creation of planting combinations, every aspect was carefully considered to create a vibrant and beautiful garden that would support insects throughout each stage of their life cycle.

We spend time talking with our volunteers and experts in the field. We visited gardens and websites to get inspired. What you see today is the culmination of many months of work on lists and processes. To read more about our process, go to “Could it be more than a dream” blog. You can find the most current list of plants that we installed or salvaged from the previous landscape by downloading our Butterfly House Plant List pdf. Gardens are an ever evolving space; that’s part of what makes them so exciting! We will continue to update this pdf adding and refining information. We hope that you will find something interesting to plant in your garden.

More photos will be added as the season continues – so check back often!