This series is created to help you start growing vegetables at home, school or anywhere there is healthy soil, sunlight and folks who want to tend them. Our videos are intended for audiences aged 6 to 100 and will cover basic information such as timing, tools to use, watering and harvesting. The series is just the beginning of a journey of discovery, and we hope that you continue this journey by visiting Lucille’s Garden.

Keep A Journal

Growing vegetables is a process that takes time to see the end results. We feel that journaling helps you reflect on the tasks completed throughout the growing season. We also recommend taking notes while reviewing the videos and then looking up information by gathering seed catalogs or visiting websites with an adult.

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Lesson 1: Warm and Cool Season Crops

Lesson 2: Seed Starting

Lesson 3: Conditions to Thrive

Lesson 4: Tools

Lesson 5: When is It Ready?