Aesculus parviflora


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Pot Size: 1 Quart

Common Name: Bottlebrush Buckeye

Season of Interest: Summer to Fall

Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade

Plant Size: 8-10′ x 8-15′

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Bottlebruch buckeye grows to become a wide-spreading, suckering, multi-stemmed shrub. Large, medium to dark green compound leaves have their leaflets arranged like fingers radiating from a person’s hand and measure 8-10″ across. Small white flowers are arranged in cylindrical clusters that are 8-12″s long and 2-4″ wide.

This native buckeye blooms in our area around July Fourth each summer for 2 to 3 weeks. In the fall the leaves turn a glowing yellow. Plant in a well-drained soil that has plenty of organic matter; perfers acid soil, but is adaptable.

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