Betula lenta


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Pot Size: 2 Gallon

Common Name: Sweet Birch

Season of Interest: Mid Spring

Exposure: Full Sun

Plant Size: 40-55′

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Betula lenta is a medium large deciduous shade tree which is
pyramidal and dense when young, developing a broad, round, spreading crown when mature. It grows to 40′ to 55′ in the landscape and 70′ to 80′ tall in the wild.

Foliage is broad, ovate leaves, 2.5″ to 6″ long by 1-1.5″ to 3-3.5″ wide, shiny green above, paler below and turns a uniform golden yellow color in the fall.

The flowers which appear in April are 1″ (female) to 2-3″ (male) catkins in groups of 4. The fruit are tiny winged nutlets. Young bark is reddish-brown to black, while older bark is black.


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