Cercis canadensis f. alba ‘Royal White’


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Pot Size: 10 Gallon

Common Name: Eastern Redbud

Season of Interest: Spring

Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade

Plant Size: 15-25′ x 15-25′

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Royal White Eastern Redbud is extremely hardy and produces extra large white flowers. It is slightly earlier than the cultivated variety ‘Alba.’ The pea-like flowers appear on bare branches in March-April before the foliage emerges.

Flowers are followed by flattened leguminous bean-like 2-4″ seedpods that mature to brown in summer. Pods may remain on the tree into winter.

Redbuds are easy to care for and they will flourish in most soil types with the exception of wet spots. Stay on top of watering during establishment and it will provide you with many years of flowers and fall interest. Susceptible to cankers if stressed: drought conditions or excessive water.

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