Chionodoxa (Scilla) luciliae (forbesii)


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Pot Size: Bulb

Common Name: Glory of the Snow

Season of Interest: Spring

Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade

Plant Size: 3-6″ x 3-6″

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When you see Glory in the Snow, you will agree with its common name. What lovely blue flowers in the snow! An early bloomer with starry, lavender-blue flowers that shade to white in the center.

When massed, the plants look like a summer sky fallen to earth.
Plants naturalize easily by bulb offsets and self-seeding to form a spreading carpet of early spring bloom. Foliage begins to fade shortly after bloom and generally disappears by late spring as plants go into dormancy until the following spring.

Grow in sun or light shade. Capable of spreading by seed.
Deer and Rodent Resistant.


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