Cornus sericea (stolonifera) ‘Baileyi’


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Pot Size: 3 Gallon

Common Name: Redosier Dogwood

Season of Interest: Winter

Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade

Plant Size: 6-9′ x 6-9′

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Cornus sericea ‘Baileyi’ is a loose broad spreading multi-stemmed shrub with lush green leaves in summer, purple-red in fall. Flowers and fruit are milky white. The plant’s most interesting feature is its rich dark-red to blood-red stem color in winter. The color is great against dark evergreens or mixed with sericea ‘Flaviramea’ or sericea ‘Cardinal’.

Prefers rich, moist soil in a sunny location. Old stems should be cut to the ground to rejuvinate the plant and maintain the beautiful red color.

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