Euonymus americanus


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Pot Size: 1 Gallon

Common Name: Hearts-A-Burstin

Season of Interest: Year Round

Exposure: Partial Shade

Plant Size: 6-9′

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This airy, deciduous shrub has ridged twigs that become purplish when exposed to the sun. Pale green flowers with purple stamens appear in spring and have five, distinct, clawed petals. Bright green, oval leaves become dark red in fall when bright pink to purple fruit “husks” open to reveal orange-red seeds. This dramatic husk-and-seed display is responsible for the “hearts-a-burstin” common name.

A loose, suckering, sprawling shrub, it is best used in natural settings, in the shade of larger shrubs and trees. Large specimens can have hundreds of “bursting” red capsules. In the winter, the bright green twigs are also attractive.

Tolerates poor drainage, moderate droughts, and alkaline terrain.


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