Franklinia alatamaha


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Pot Size: 2 Gallon

Common Name: Franklin Tree

Season of Interest: Year Round

Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade

Plant Size: 10-20′ x 6-15′

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Small native tree or shrub with upright spreading branches. Flowers are 3.5″ across, showy, white and fragrant. They appear in late July to August. Handsome fall foliage can be spectacular orange to red to purple. Flowering often continues into fall and is spectacular against the fall colored foliage. Seedpods, which persist on the branches through the winter months are unusually looking, 5-valved capsules.

Philadelphia’s John Bartram found this tree in 1770 along the banks of the Altamaha River in Georgia and collected a few for his garden. This plant has not been seen in the wild since 1790. It is believed that all plants in commerce today are descendents of those collected by Bartram.


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