Juglans nigra


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Pot Size: 7 Gallon

Common Name: Black Walnut

Season of Interest: Late Spring

Exposure: Full Sun

Plant Size: 75-100′

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Juglans nigra is a large deciduous tree typically growing 75-100’ tall with and an oval to rounded crown. Mature trees characteristically have long trunks, often with an absence of lower branching.

Yellow green monoecious flowers appear in late spring (May-June). Female flowers give way to edible nuts, each being encased in a yellow-green husk. Nuts mature in autumn, falling to the ground where the husks blacken as they rot away. The wood is perhaps the best furniture wood available from any native American tree.

Prefers moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in full sun. Intolerant of shade. Black walnut roots produce chemicals which are toxic to certain other plants.


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