Medeola virginiana


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Pot Size: 1 Quart

Common Name: Indian Cucumber root

Season of Interest: Spring to Summer

Exposure: Partial Shade to Shade

Plant Size: 12-24″ x 18″

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Part of the Lily family, Indian Cucumber root is a slender, upright perennial that typically grows 1-2’ tall on a single, unbranched stem rising up each year from a crisp, edible rhizome. Plants without flowers produce only a single whorl of leaves, while flowering plants produce 2 whorls of leaves.

The thickened rootstalk of this plant may be eaten raw, resembling somewhat the taste of cucumber. It may also be used in salads.

Best grown in moist soils in shady woodland areas. Also appropriate for moist areas in bog gardens, water gardens, or low spots.


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