Phacelia bipinnatifida


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Pot Size: 4″ pot

Common Name: Fernleaf Phacelia

Season of Interest: Spring

Exposure: Partial Shade

Plant Size: 12-15″

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Phacelia bipinnatifida, a relatively unknown biennial, can be used to quickly cover a large area in a sea of foliage and flowers. The divided leaves grow to a height of 5” the first summer and linger until late fall.

The following spring, they re-emerge, culminating in 12-15” tall plants covered with masses of purple flowers that last for about a month. Phacelia bipinnatifida readily self-sows thereby assuring a continuous display. It tolerates most soil types and grows best in part shade.

Stylophorum diphyllum and Polystichum acrostichoides complement purple phacelia.


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