Photinia (Aronia) arbutifolia (pyrifolia) ‘Brilliantissima’


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Pot Size: 3 Gallon

Common Name: Red Chokeberry

Season of Interest: Spring to Fall

Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade

Plant Size: 6-8′ x 3-5′

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Red Chokeberry is an excellent upright, spreading-suckering, native shrub for a landscape that demands easy care and high interest. Small white cluster of flowers in the spring followed by 1/4″ fruit which turn bright red in the fall and persist thru November. Lustrous deep green leaves turn brilliant red in the fall. This cultivar has been selected for superior blossoms, foliage, fall color and fruit color.

Aronias prefer soils with adequate drainage but are well adapted to many soil types, including poor soils.

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