Stranvaesia (Photinia) davidiana var davidiana


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Pot Size: 3 Gallon

Common Name: Chinese Photinia

Season of Interest: Late Spring

Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade

Plant Size: 10-15′ x 8-10′

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Stranvaesia davidiana, synonymous with and sometimes listed as Photinia davidiana, is a large, upright, bushy evergreen shrub of the rose family. Var. davidiana is distinguished by having densely flowered inflorescences to 4” tall.

Five-petaled white flowers bloom in clusters in late May-June. Flowers are followed by small orbicular berries which mature to red by late summer and typically persist on the plant well into winter. Oblong to oblanceolate evergreen leaves (2-3” long) with toothless margins are dull dark green. New leaves emerge with pinkish bronze tones. Winter hardy to USDA Zone 7

It is currently an unresolved question among some experts as to whether var. davidiana and var. undulata are distinct enough to be considered varieties.

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