The first time I visited Tyler Arboretum last year, my husband and I were exploring Media since we planned to move there in a few short months.

We love being outdoors together, so Tyler was high on our list of places to check out. We had a spot back home in New Jersey that was our go-to for strolls, picnics, and bike rides, so we were hoping to find something similar close to our soon-to-be home.

It was late June when we visited so we were greeted by Tyler’s hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower, so I was happy to admire the bushes of blue and purple puffs. Tyler had made a great first impression on me, but it continued to inspire me as we navigated around the arboretum.

Look at this beauty!

Tyler's collection of hydrangeas is inspiring.

Treehouses aren't just for kids.

So Many Things To Do

One of the things that stood out to me was the diversity of things to do at Tyler. I embraced my inner child by climbing the wooden structures, such as the birdhouse, the treehouse, and the wooden chairs. I observed the wildlife, from the birds swooping above to a frog hopping on the path. Educational signs scattered throughout the property offered opportunities to learn new things. We even found the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic, nestling our blanket near the hydrangea bushes. As we ate our pasta salad and summer berries, we looked around, taking it all in. At that moment we knew Tyler Arboretum would definitely become a regular place for us once we moved to Media.

Fast forward four months later, having settled into Media, my in-laws were spending the weekend with us to see our new home. When my husband and I were thinking of where to take them to showcase the area, Tyler was the first place we thought of. My in-laws are avid outdoors people, so this was the perfect introduction to our new hometown.

We had not been back since our first visit over the summer, so we were looking forward to exploring Tyler in the autumn. It was beautiful! The pops of bright colors, greens, and blues we were first acquainted with had transformed into rich hues of red, orange, gold, and brown.

My favorite time of year.

The Gift of Membership

When we were checking in at the entrance, my husband and I were expecting to pay admission for the whole group. However, my in-laws thought it would be worth it to purchase a membership for the two of us so that we could continue accessing Tyler year-round. This was the perfect gift for us!

Similar to our first Tyler visit, there were many things to see and do; now, we were able to see and do these things during my favorite time of year, fall. We went back to visit the birdhouse and sit on the wooden chairs, along with taking a photo at the gnome cutouts that were added for the season. We also spotted an increased number of gnomes and their mini wooden structures – this added to the feel of fall in the air!

As we were enjoying these things to see and do, I noticed both of my in-laws were taking pictures along the way, which meant they were really enjoying themselves. We finished the visit with a trip to the fragrant garden, relishing in the ability to use not only our sense of sight but also our senses of touch and smell.

Needless to say, my first experiences with Tyler Arboretum have been absolutely positive. From the first visit as a non-member to returning multiple times as proud members, I think it is safe to say that in the one year since moving to Media and almost one year of membership, my husband and I met our expectation of having Tyler be “our place” here in our new home.

Click here to check out membership options. Members of Tyler Arboretum and enjoy free admission all year, members-only special events, and so much more!