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Each of us is thankful for Tyler in many unique and various ways.  Let’s challenge ourselves to not only recognize what we are thankful for at Tyler, but to also put action into our thankfulness.  This may take some thought, but surely you already do this.  You may share your time, talents or resources with Tyler.  You may invite others to visit, exercise or learn with you.  Let us also reflect on our accomplishments even among our current constraints.  With the help of nature we’ve been able to provide for others, for ourselves and even for nature itself. Tyler has a way of making you feel excited when you arrive, and fulfilled when you leave. Maybe you experience wonder at spotting a special bird, excitement when seeing how much a seed has grown, or thankfulness at feeling the cool forest shade on a hot summer’s day.  Nature doesn’t need us to succeed, as it provides for itself.  Yet it also provides for us as well, meeting many of our basic needs along with the gift of beauty, peace and inspiration.

Some of our bird enthusiasts helped to kick this theme off by thanking birds for the joy they bring to our lives.  Take the first right as you enter Tyler, and you can’t miss the weeping juniper adorned with all sorts of goodies for our feathered friends.  By the same token, Tyler is thankful for each of you.  Your presence and many gifts are appreciated day after day.

As you visit Tyler in the coming months, open all of your senses to what nature gives to us in this season of Thankfulness.  This anonymous poem may serve as a reminder of how giving nature is:

Nothing in Nature lives for itself.

Rivers don’t drink their own water.

Trees don’t eat their own fruits.

The sun doesn’t shine for itself.

A flower’s fragrance is not for itself.

Living for each other is Nature’s rule.

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