Covid upended everything. My job was outsourced, and I had time to slow down and think about my next move. I was lucky to spend much of the quarantine hiking. I was on the trail when it hit me – what I want to do is share my love and knowledge of the natural world with others! How to make that happen was the question. I needed training, structure, and a way to make connections.

When I learned that Pennsylvania Master Naturalist training courses were offered at Tyler Arboretum, it seemed like a logical progression. I was eager to start, and the 12 weeks of classes flew by. The reading material opened my eyes to new ideas. Each class put me before a knowledgeable instructor or expert in their field. The multiple field trips showed me the landscape from a geologist’s point of view and the forest through the eyes of a preserve manager.

Fast forward from that trail epiphany to a newly-minted PAMN trainee leading a group of cub scouts on a muddy trail hike. I’ll admit I was slightly nervous, but the training kicked in, the knowledge and preparation were accessible, and the hike was a success. PA Master Naturalist training forged a path for me to share my love and knowledge of the natural world with others through stewardship, citizen science, education, and the occasional cub scout hike.

What doors might it open for you?

Terry M.

PA Master Naturalist, class of 2021

Are you interested in learning about the natural sciences and using that knowledge to help conserve PA’s natural resources?

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We’re hosting a volunteer training course this fall beginning August 1.  Apply by May 8th to receive the early bird discount rate. The final deadline to apply is May 29, 2023.  Scholarships are available. Space is limited so apply today!