Tyler Arboretum is delighted to announce the addition of a stunning mural, entitled “The Promise of Spring,” to our grounds. The mural, which is located on the Diamond Doorway (#7) in the Wister Rhododendron Garden section of our 650-acre public garden in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, was created by local artist Stephanie Untz.

“The Promise of Spring” mural showcases a range of native plants, trees, birds, and pollinators, rendered in bright and vivid colors. According to Stephanie, “Tyler Arboretum has always been a special place for me personally since we moved to Media 5 years ago. It’s the place that has always brightened any tough day being a new mother and one of the first places that piqued my interest in native plants and growing my own garden.”

Stephanie visited the area around the mural’s location during the fall and winter months, taking note of the different plant signs and gathering feedback from Tyler Arboretum’s knowledgeable staff members, Mike Karkowski and Christian Stoltz. She spent the winter researching and selecting the plants, trees, birds, and pollinators to include in her design.

Mural BeforeMural After

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“The final piece has the Rhododendron Maximum, Tulip tree, Gray Cat Bird, Swallowtail butterfly, bumble bees, Lady in Red Fern, Kurume Azalea, and Swamp Azalea,” Stephanie notes. “The colors I chose are also a reflection of the many beautiful colors nearby.”

We at Tyler Arboretum are thrilled to have such a beautiful representation of our mission on display. As an organization dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the area and promoting environmental education, we believe that “The Promise of Spring” mural is a stunning work of art that will help our visitors learn more about the importance of native plants, trees, and pollinators in our ecosystem.

Please stop by and see it this spring to experience the beauty and joy it brings firsthand. We are grateful to Stephanie Untz for creating such a gorgeous piece, and we look forward to sharing it with our visitors.

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