April 22 marks the 50th year we celebrate Earth Day. We won’t be able to gather together this year at Tyler Arboretum, but we can still find ways to celebrate Tyler Arboretum Earth Daythe gift the Earth is to us. Our friend Louisa Romaine, a retired librarian, compiled a list of books to read to/with the young people in your life. Many of the books feature characters your child may already know.

Earth Ninja: A Children’s Book about Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing by Mary Nhin

Earth Ninja shows his friend how one little ninja can make a difference in the world by practicing 3 simple life habits. Find out what happens in this fun book about the impact we each have on the earth. Age Level: 0-12

The Earth Book by Todd Parr

With his signature blend of playfulness and sensitivity, Todd Parr explores the important, timely subject of environmental protection and conservation in this eco-friendly picture book. Featuring a circular die-cut Earth on the cover, and printed entirely with recycled materials and nontoxic soy inks, this book includes lots of easy, smart ideas on how we can all work together to make the Earth feel good – from planting a tree and using both sides of the paper, to saving energy and reusing old things in new ways. Age Level: 3-6 years

The Berenstain Bears Don’t Pollute (Anymore) by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Brother is doing a report about endangered species, so he and Sister visit the museum to talk to Professor Actual Factual about what they can do to help save the environment. Includes over 50 bonus stickers! Age Level: 3 – 7 years

What if Everybody Did That? By Ellen Javernick

If you drop just one soda can out the window, its no big deal … right? But what if everybody did that? What if everybody broke the rules … and spoke during story time, didn’t wash up, or splashed too much at the pool? Then the world would be a mess. But what if everybody obeyed the rules so that the world would become a better place? Age Level: 3-7 years

It’s Earth Day, Cookie Monster! By Mary Lindeen Cookie Monster Earth Day

On Earth Day, people celebrate what makes Earth special. Follow Cookie Monster and his friends from Sesame Street as they learn to be kind to Earth, on Earth Day and every day! Learn who started Earth Day, why it’s important, and the different ways people celebrate it, from having a parade to cleaning up a park. Age Level: 4 – 8 years

Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Join Biscuit as he helps take care of our green world. From planting seeds to cleaning up, Biscuit’s celebration is an exciting adventure for Earth Day and for every day! Age Level: 4-8 years

What Does It Mean to Be Green? By Rana DiOrio

Drawing on two sides of your paper instead of just one. Walking to the park instead of getting a ride. Turning off the water while you brush your teeth. A young boy and girl explore all the different ways they can discover green over the course of a day. Age Level: 4-8 years

Not for me, please! I choose to act green by Maria Godsey

Join Luke on his journey to protect what he loves with this engaging children’s picture book about sustainability and acting green. After noticing the damage caused to the environment and animals due to trash and waste, Luke decides to take action. He believes he can have a big impact on the world around him and invites his readers to join him! Age Level: 4-9 years

Every Day is Earth Day by Jordan D. Brown

Join Jet Propulsion and his friends as they celebrate Earth in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on a popular episode of PBS’s hit show Ready Jet Go! Age Level: 5-7 years

How to Help the Earth-by the Lorax by Tish Rabe

This Step into Reading book offers kids easy suggestions for going green! After explaining how the trash in a wastebasket ultimately ends up in a landfill or incinerator, the Lorax suggests realistic ways children can reduce waste, such as by carrying a lunch box, donating old clothes and toys, sharing magazines with friends, recycling cans and bottles, and using rechargeable batteries. He also explains how they can save energy around the home by turning off lights, taking shorter showers, donning sweaters to stay warm, and much, much more. All in all, this is a great introduction to helping the Earth and helping kids step into reading! Age Range: 5-8 years

Earth Day Every Day by Lisa Bullard Earth Day Every Day

On Earth Day, we find ways to help the Earth. Trina plants trees with her class. She forms an Earth Day club with her friends. What can you do to make every day Earth Day? Do your part to be a planet protector! Age Level: 5-8 years

What a Waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet by Jess French

This environmental book will teach keen young ecologists about our actions affect planet Earth. Discover shocking facts about the waste we produce and where it goes. Did you know that every single plastic toothbrush ever made still exists? Discover plans already in motion to save our seas, how countries are implementing schemes that are having a positive impact, and how your waste can be turned into something useful. Every small change helps our planet! Age Level: 6-9 years

Earth Day from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler

Hubie’s class is celebrating Earth Day with a project and a party. But when Hubie starts to do research on the environment, he gets his biggest scare yet! Can Hubie help to save the planet? Age Level: 7-10 years

If you are looking for a book on the origins and impact of Earth Day for yourself, check out one of these titles:

Earth Day and the Environmental Movement: Standing Up for Earth by Christy Peterson

The Genius of Earth Day: How a 1970 Teach-In Unexpectedly Made the First Green Generation by Adam Rome

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Happy Earth Day Reading!