Saturday, April 24, 9:00 am to when all 100 trees go to good homes
First come, first served!

COVID 19 RULES APPLY:  Please wear your mask and practice social distancing.

Members, we know that part of the reason you joined Tyler is because you have a love of the natural world. What better way to support nature than by planting a native tree in your backyard this spring? We have selected four species that are best suited to the conditions in this area. This is a member’s only FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED tree giveaway. Not a member? Join now!

Step One:
Review the four tree options and select your top two (possibly three) choices. Make sure that your yard has the correct conditions and enough room for the tree by reading the information provided.  The trees are potted one year whips, meaning that you can pick these up with your hands and fit it into most cars. The trees are 1’ to 3’ tall.  We recommend bringing a bag to sleeve over the pot to secure the soil during transportation.

Step Two:
Bring your active membership card and check-in at the tent located by the Visitor Center. Remember, one tree per household only. We want the 100 trees to go to 100 different homes.  You will be assigned a number according to the order you arrive. Groups of numbers will be called.  More information will be provided at the tent. It is up to you to arrive in time to pick out your tree and get it to your vehicle.  We will not hold any trees. There will be no rain checks issued.

The pickup location is on the grass by the water fountain. You must have a number to pick up a tree.  If your number was called and you missed your turn, you can come up immediately.  We will not save trees at the end of the giveaway if you do not show up.  We anticipate all the trees will be given away within the first 2 hours.

Step Three:
Take your tree home to plant ASAP. Water regularly in the first year, and enjoy! Don’t know how to plant a tree? Here’s a link to the Arbor Day Foundation website to learn how.

Red maple flowers



Acer rubrum, red maple:
A relatively fast growing tree that will reach 12’ tall in 5 to 7 years. At maturity, it can reach 50 to 60’ tall and just as wide – some greater. Red maples will grow in most soil conditions including wet areas. Will grow in sun to part shade. Fall color ranges from yellow to red. Shallow roots may be a problem if planted too close to sidewalks.





River birch bark





Betula nigra, river birch:
The river birch is a medium to fast growing tree that would provide dappled shade to any garden. Reaching a mature height of 40’ to 70’ in 30 years. Although the fall color is not considered to be spectacular, the bark interest is high. Tolerant of wet conditions, this tree is great placed by a stream or pond side. Tolerates sun to part shade.






Celtis flower



Celtis occidentalis, common hackberry:
Want to grow a tree to attract birds, but you have really bad soil?  The hackberry may be the tree for your garden. Many birds such as woodpeckers, and cedar waxwings consume the sweet fruits. Fruits ripen in September and October, just in time for the birds to feast on before their great migration. Hackberry can reach 60’ to 70’ tall. Fall color is not spectacular.  Full sun.




Sweetbay magnolia




Magnolia virginiana, sweetbay magnolia:
In our region, the sweetbay magnolia is considered semi-evergreen, meaning in cold winters, it will lose its leaves. A small tree reaching 15’ to 20’, this native magnolia is an asset in any small garden. While fragrant flowers appear from May to June. In August, the fruits will split open – showing off the bright red seeds which are often consumed by birds. Will tolerate wet soils and shade.  For best flowering, grow in a sunny location. The fall color is yellow.