If we provide them with food, water and shelter – will they come? Tyler Arboretum is filled with all types of life — birds, bees and butterflies that thrive in our wild spaces: woods, meadows and streams. But will they discover this intentionally created garden space? Will they choose to make the Butterfly House and surrounding gardens their home?

This enhanced landscape showcases a beautiful, thoughtfully designed garden, where each plant provides essential support to a variety of insects throughout their life cycle. There are exciting signals everywhere that species are already moving in – and that many more may follow in the coming months.

The Butterfly house and surrounding gardens welcome visitors through October. Beginning July 9, Tyler will hold a three-week-long Open House in this vibrant and exciting new space. Our docents and volunteers are on hand to answer your questions and explore the science behind the changes we’ve made. We’ll also have a new activity called “Can you find me?” which helps visitors discover plants, insects and the fun details of what makes this a home for our friends. You can help us collect important data on what we’re seeing in the gardens. Download at home by clicking below, come and witness ecology at work. Cards change every few weeks so check often. You never know what you might discover. Copies are also available during your visit.

can you find me now

Special thanks to our donors for their generous funding support:
PECO – An Exelon Company
Robert F. Schumann Foundation
Hardy Plant Society, Mid-Atlantic Group

And to our talented team:
Berrie Torgan-Randall and Fiona MacLaughlin for their beautiful artwork
Butterfly House Volunteers for their tireless work

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