Walk amongst the many native butterflies and insects in a natural setting that features colorful plants at our Pollinator Preserve.  Our trained guides are ready to point our friends out and share their stories.  We renovated the beds this year to expand our palette of plants and better support our insect friends so that you can learn about the important work that they do.  

Outside the Butterfly House, you can find native bee houses, as well as a bee adobe for ground nesters. Saunter amongst the display of colorful annuals and native plants all vying for the insects’ attention, as plants need insects to produce seeds.  Our large, hand-crafted caterpillar is sure to please kids both young and young at heart. Take a photo at our butterfly chair and share it with your family and friends.

Inside the Butterfly House, our native butterflies, such as monarchs and black swallowtails, will greet you with fluttering wings.  Ribbons will mark the location of eggs, chrysalis, or hungry caterpillars. Be sure you take time to view the rearing cages as new arrivals emerge from their chrysalides, dry their wings, and begin their very first wing-beats.

Our docents and volunteers are on hand to answer your questions and explore the science behind the changes we’ve made. We have an updated “Can you Find Me?” card that helps visitors discover plants, insects, and the fun details of what makes this home for our friends. Download before you arrive by clicking below, then come and witness ecology at work. Cards change every few weeks, so check back often. You never know what you might discover! Copies are also available during your visit.

[Original size] Can you find these Check them off and let us when you saw them (1)

We’ve included a few recent photos to provide a sampling of the experiences awaiting your visit!

Special thanks to our donors for their generous funding support:
PECO – An Exelon Company
Robert F. Schumann Foundation 
Hardy Plant Society, Mid-Atlantic Group

And to our talented team: 
Berrie and Fiona for their beautiful artwork
Butterfly House Volunteers for their tireless work 

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