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Vegetable gardening is a process, and the best thing about it (other than homegrown food!) is that there is always something new to learn. The Tyler Blog and our YouTube channel are full of great resources, how-tos, helpful tips and tricks, and sometimes even recipes. Take a look below. Whether you’re a brand-new gardener or an experienced pro we’re certain you’ll learn something new! 

Adapting to Climate Change: Lucille’s Garden Journey in Spring 2023

By Bess Trout

Spring 2023 has been anything but predictable. As temperatures swung wildly from unseasonably warm to downright cold and day after day went by without rain the garden needed a new plan. Here’s 5 things we’re doing to adapt in Lucille’s Garden.

Your Garden as Medicine Cabinet and Supermarket

By Lynn Lampman

This year, during the height of the COVID pandemic, I decided to not only grow more of my own food, but also to see what in my garden could be used for healing. Read more here!

Spice up your Life: Plant, Harvest, and Eat Garlic

By Lynn Lampman

If there ever was a plant-it and forget-it vegetable for your garden, it’s garlic. Why? Because garlic is easy to grow, has a high success rate, requires little maintenance, and is easy to harvest. Read more here!

Handling an Abundant Harvest

By Lynn Lampman

It’s that time of year in the vegetable garden when you may have more harvest than you feel you can handle. Fear not! We have some ideas for you…read more here!

Search and Destroy: Another Side of Vegetable Gardening

By Lynn Lampman

This month we will increase our knowledge about how to help prevent harmful pests and weeds in the garden, and what to do when they start to impede you from having a healthy, thriving vegetable garden. Read more here!

H20 and Your Vegetable Garden: Too Much or Too Little of a Good Thing? 

By Lynn Lampman

Along with soil and sunlight, water is essential for a healthy and successful garden. Yet, watering a vegetable garden can be tricky.  Water too much and the plants will become prone to disease. Read more here!

Harvesting the Fruit of Your Labor

By Lynn Lampman

There is nothing like the feeling of harvesting the fruit of your labor. So, let’s talk about how and when to harvest the vegetables from your garden…read more here!

From the Ground Up: Volunteer Perspectives on Lucille’s Garden

By Lynn Lampman

It’s human nature to want to know what is going on and who is behind what is currently being grown in Lucille’s Garden, and the tasks volunteers have undertaken to make it so… Read more here!

The Sweetest Figs

By Bess Trout

Henriette Troiano, born Enrica LaVerghetta and called Nan by her friends and family, was born in Italy in 1918. She was one of three children of the LaVerghetta family, who lived on a farm in Vasto…read more here!

Composting: From Trash to Treasure

By Lynn Lampman

When it comes to gardening, you have black gold right at your fingertips and may not even realize it.  What I mean by that is that your yard waste and food scraps can be turned into compost and then used in your vegetable garden to increase yield. Read more here!

Planting Seeds as an Act of Hope

By Lynn Lampman

“When life hands you dirt, plant seeds.” – Matshona Dhliwayo Now more than ever seems like a good time to have a vegetable garden, even if you have never had one before. Read more here!

‘Plotting’ Starring: Good Dirt

By Lynn Lampman

Last month, we focused on how to decide what to grow in your vegetable garden, what vegetables should be started indoors and transplanted into the garden, and what vegetables can be direct seeded into the garden once the dangers of frost have passed. Read more here!

Lucille’s Garden – Answering the Call

By Julia Lo Ehrhardt

Almost every day at Tyler, we have volunteers who help us maintain our grounds, grow vegetables, collect data, share expertise with visitors and much, much more. As a nonprofit organization, we understand and value the desire to affect real change in our community. Read more here!

Can’t Give Up Fresh Veggies? Create a Micro-Climate!

By Bess Trout

There are few things more hopeful and exciting than seeding your first vegetable crops in the spring and planting out your rows of tomatoes and peppers in the summer. When the harvest comes in, nothing tastes sweeter than food from your own garden. Read more here!

Growing Food for Cooler Weather

By Ben Mickle

Hold up on putting away the digging fork or the wheel barrel. Your garden doesn’t need to be done for the year! Read more here!

Seed Saving, from Why to How

By Louisa Romaine

It is never too early to start thinking about next year’s garden. Was there a particular pepper that you loved or a flowering plant from a friend that thrived in your garden this year? Fall is the perfect time of year to survey your garden and decide what plants were successful and which ones you wish to grow again. Read more here!

Why Plant in the Fall?

By Louisa Romaine

The days are getting shorter and summer is coming to an end. It’s time to clean up and put away the garden tools until next spring, right? Not so fast! Read more here!

What to Plant in the Vegetable Garden in July (and into August) 

By Nancy Heinbaugh

Would you like to use your garden space more efficiently?  Are you wondering what can be planted in July?  Our gardens have been giving back to us after months of tending to them. Read more here!

Small Fruit Winter Maintenance

Harvest 2020: Tyler Arboretum 

Lucille’s Garden Harvest Day