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While we were dealing with the COVID crisis, other critical situations at Tyler have been mounting. The pandemic is not over, but we MUST broaden our focus to combat the invasive plants, pests, and storm damage that endanger this beloved place.

Can you help protect Tyler against tough and pervasive threats, like the spotted lanternfly, with a donation of $25? Your donation – received by June 13 – will go to use right away as we fight back against this destructive invader and other threats to Tyler.

Join the fight now with your donation!

As you read this, countless spotted lanternfly eggs are in the process of hatching. This damaging pest can devastate Tyler Arboretum if left unchecked. We must get to work NOW to stem the tide.

Sadly, there is no time to spare. If we don’t act now, the spotted lanternfly population at Tyler will surge. Your gift of $25 now can help protect this beautiful place you know and love. You can make a difference!

Without constant effort – year in and year out – destructive invaders like the spotted lanternfly would run rampant at Tyler. But with you on our side, we can fight back against the onslaught of environmental threats that endanger our treasured gardens and natural areas. Please take a moment now to make your donation.

I know nature is important to you. And like all things in life, balance is key. We MUST protect the delicate balance of our ecosystems. It is very costly if we don’t.

According to a study by Penn State University, the spotted lanternfly costs the Pennsylvania economy around $50 million a year. And it eliminates almost 500 jobs a year. You can help turn the tide on this destructive insect by helping on your home turf – Tyler Arboretum.

As unfortunate as this situation is, I can’t help but see a silver lining. It is always so heartening to see the Tyler community come together for a common cause. I think back to the winter storm damage we experienced in 2018. I was amazed to see how many Tyler donors came through to support our clean-up efforts when we needed you.

And as we endure this global pandemic, I am heartened again to see how much you care for Tyler. Over the past year, we have all been reminded of how important it is to spend time in nature. With your help, this place of peace and natural wonder will remain healthy for your children and grandchildren. The time to act is NOW.

Taking control of the spotted lanternfly population may not be glamorous, but it’s a responsibility I take very seriously. I’m glad I can rely on you to join the fight with your $25 donation today.

Thank you for taking action to protect Tyler with your donation. Together, we can make a difference!

For the love of Tyler,

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Mike Karkowski
Director of Horticulture

P.S.   Your help is needed NOW. Can you donate $25 to help protect Tyler against tough and pervasive threats, like the spotted lanternfly? Your Annual Fund gift (received by June 13) will go to use right away as we fight back against this destructive invader and other dangers to our ecosystem.

P.P.S. Do you have questions about the spotted lanternfly? Are you wondering how to manage spotted lanternflies on your own property? PennState Extension is the best resource for information about how to report, identify, and manage this pest. Visit their FAQ page to learn more. They also recently posted a great article about how to build your own circle trap. Check it out here!

Report: Potential Economic Impact of the Spotted Lanternfly on Agriculture and Forestry in Pennsylvania by Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., William Stone, DBA, Timothy W. Kelsey, Ph.D., and Lynn F. Kime, Pennsylvania State University, December 2019