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Provide fresh produce to families in need
with your donation to Tyler!

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DEADLINE EXTENDED: January 31, 2020

Thanks to supporters like you, produce is grown and harvested at Tyler, from what we now call Lucille’s Garden. Then, we give the produce to people in need through the Media Food Bank. But I need your continued support! Can you make a donation to Tyler’s Annual Fund by January 31 (the end of our fiscal year) to help provide garden-fresh produce to families in need next year?

Food banks often provide canned, processed, and non-perishable food, which is why families like the *Connors are SO thankful when they receive fruits and vegetables. And your generosity makes it possible!

Your Annual Fund donation will help cover the costs of managing our 5,000 square feet in Lucille’s Garden so we can produce as much food as possible. Can you help make that happen? Just think of the families who receive this food… they don’t typically have access to fresh and healthy options!

I’m so grateful for the real garden-grown vegetables you provide. ─ *Nancy, a patron of the Media Food Bank

It feels so good to know you’re making a difference in the lives of others, especially this time of year. For those in need, the holidays can be a difficult time. Often, it’s the kindness of others that makes a true difference. Can you make a donation now to help your neighbors who are going through a hard time? It’s your kind-hearted generosity that will help provide fresh produce for local families in 2020.

As we take the time now to plan out next year’s crops, can I count on your support? I know it’s important to you to stay connected with nature, and this is a chance for you to help others do that too. Your gift, received by January 31, will ensure Lucille’s Garden continues to thrive and feed those in need.

Thank you so much for taking action to help the people in your community. Your generosity is inspiring!

For the love of fruits & vegetables,

Mandy Santiago
Executive Director

P.S. I need your continued support! Please make a donation by January 31 to help grow fresh produce for families in need. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others!

If you’d like to donate by phone, please call 610-566-9134, ext. 209, Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM.

*Names changed for privacy