Annual Fund

Dear Friend of Tyler Arboretum,

With this heat, it’s hard to ignore that summer is in full swing. But it doesn’t feel the same this year, does it?

At Tyler, summertime has always been filled with the excited voices and laughter of children at Summer Camp. But the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it unsafe to host this year and I had to make the difficult decision to cancel and refund Summer Camp.

Twelve-year-old Jared is especially disappointed. He misses exploring the woods and playing in the stream with his favorite camp counselors and friends. It breaks my heart that up to 400 children, just like Jared, are missing out on the fun of Summer Camp at Tyler! But even more troublesome is all the nature lessons they will never learn…

That’s why I’m writing to you today. With your Annual Fund donation, you can still bring important nature lessons to children like Jared – even when it’s not safe to learn at Tyler. Your gift of $25 will create new online programs to teach the kids in your community to connect with nature at home.

Can you help now? I am meeting with a group of board members in two weeks to discuss our plans. Please donate online by Tuesday, August 18 to help make these online youth programs a reality.

The painful, but necessary, decision to cancel Summer Camp cost $189,000 in lost revenue – stunting our ability to switch to virtual programs. But I don’t want that to hurt the children! That’s why Jared – and all the children – need your help. Your generosity will help create, produce, and share brand-new Tyler programs for kids to enjoy online – inspiring them to see the natural world outside their window in new and exciting ways.

We’re living in times of great uncertainty and that can make children feel anxious and scared. But you and I know how calming and restorative nature can be. With new virtual programs, you will spark a lifelong love of nature, even from a distance. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of children, when so much in their lives is unsettled.

So please, take a moment right now to click this link and donate $25 (or the amount of your choosing) by August 18 to bring nature education to children at home… at the time when they need it most!

With your help, Jared and his friends will learn to love and care for nature – while staying safe and healthy! Thank you for caring for the children in your community during this especially hard time.

For the love of nature,

Mandy Santiago
Executive Director

P.S. With Summer Camp at Tyler canceled for the season, your help is needed to create new online programs to teach children how to connect with nature at home. If you are able to do so, will you give a gift of $25 by August 18 to make that happen?