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The Frugal Garden

The word ‘Frugal’ can mean many things, from being cautious with money to being efficient with time and labor. At Tyler, we propose this definition: To garden frugally is to work with the land, to grow resilience for yourself, for your community, and for the Earth. In this age of skyrocketing prices, inflation, and uncertainty, it means returning to age-old skills – like growing and preserving your own food. It means building a community around sharing what we have, learning from one another, and coming together to support our family, friends, and neighbors. It means practicing sustainability and creating landscapes that provide for everyone – people, plants, pollinators, and wildlife.

Sometimes being frugal means making do with less. But in this case, the Frugal Garden means doing more with less. This page is full of great resources to help you get started. First, meet a virtual community of gardeners and read what skills and resources helped them get growing – and share your own stories and successes! Next, discover our free “Growing Vegetables” video series to learn more about planning and planting your edible garden at home. Finally, explore our Small Space Vegetable Garden Series for great information about everything from raised beds to vertical gardening.

We hope you’ll find all the tools and information you need to start your own Frugal Garden. Together we can increase our resilience, build community, and grow a brighter and more vibrant future.

Notes from the Community

The Growing Vegetable Series

Small Space Gardening Series

Featured Blogs and Resources

We’re committed to sharing resources – and information – to help everyone get started on their Frugal Gardening journey! No matter what you’re hoping to grow, a vegetable garden, a pollinator patch, or just a beautiful garden oasis, you’ll find valuable information in the below articles. Take a moment to scroll through – you never know what inspiration you’ll find!


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