Celebrations, Parties & Memorials

Celebrations and Parties

Tyler is an ideal place for your celebration or party. Hundreds of people just like you have chosen Tyler for their anniversary or 50th birthday party, others have chosen Tyler for their retirement event, or for their engagement party, and for a host of other joyful occasions.

We offer a range of spaces and places for your celebration event including our renovated barn, our terraces, and our outdoor areas. To learn more about Tyler’s unique locations, see our Rental Spaces section.


Because life doesn’t always revolved around the happiest of events, Tyler also plays a role in helping people remember their loved ones.

Our Barn Loft offers a respectful location for a memorial event, with indoor and outdoor spaces for quiet personal reflection and contemplation.

To learn more about hosting your party or memorial at Tyler Arboretum, please contact:

Brian Prato
Director of Site Services