Rental Spaces

Subject to availability you’re free to choose from multiple distinctive spaces within our historic barn complex, or you’re free to plan your event outside on our spacious tented terrace that seats 200.

Barn Loft

This historic, airy space has been fully and tastefully restored to capture the authentic charm of ancient timbers, along with added amenities including WiFi, a large projection screen, its own private restrooms, and a catering set-up area. The Barn Loft also includes a mezzanine area that provides a useful break out space as well as offering a great way to experience the rafters.

The Barn Loft easily accommodates groups of 30 to 100 people and has direct outdoor access, as well as access to the lower level terraces via stairs to the ground floor gardens and terraces. The Barn Loft measures 35’ x 53’; Mezzanine: 12’x 30’

Sequoia Room

Suitable for a smaller group of 40 to 50 people at tables, or up to 50 in theatre seating, this flexible, rustic classroom space can be orientated in a range of set ups and has a catering kitchen immediately adjacent. This room measures 22’ x 50’.

Terrace Room & Terraces

Set off a broad, seasonally tented terrace overlooking Tyler’s collection of historic trees, the Terrace Room is suitable for intimate groups of between 32 and up to 48 people sitting at tables, or for between 40 and 45 people with chairs set up in theatre seating style. The Terrace Room is clad in old barn boards, and has a stone floor with a raised stage area at one end. While beautifully cool in summer, this room can be chilly in winter. Bathrooms are on the floor above. This room measures 22’ x 50’.

Garden Schoolhouse

Surrounded by the beauty of Lucille’s Garden, the Garden Schoolhouse at Tyler Arboretum is a perfect location to host your next meeting, birthday party, or special event.  The Garden Schoolhouse can seat up to 45 guests with AV capability (projector and drop-down screen), including a large island for your catering display and two outdoor patios for your guests to mix and mingle.

For details and pricing, please contact

Brian Prato
Director of Site Services

Please be sure to include the date of your event, the type and an estimated number of guests.