The gnomes are back in town! The gnomes have been a popular addition to Tyler Arboretum since they first found their way here more than a year ago. Colorful and clever, they have encouraged curious minds to discover their hiding places, from the Cape May Birdhouse to newly flowering plants. Each gnome has its own personality reflected in its attire and accessories. After a well-deserved hibernation, they are dressed in spring attire, waiting for you to find them in their new hiding places. So pick up the scavenger hunt from the Visitor Center or download your own now, and follow the clues to discover your friends.

This spring, we are highlighting Wister, our resident gnome botanist. He is applying his observation skills to support scientists in their efforts to understand our world better. He needs your help with a Citizen Science project! 

Citizen Science is an effort to leverage each of us to contribute our scientific observations. The more observations we collect, the better we understand the world around us. This is where you come in! The specific project Wister inspires us to participate in is Nature’s Notebook, which is suitable for youth and adults. This is an opportunity to join forces with other caring citizens to observe and document the activity of plants, insects, and animals around you year after year to help paint a comprehensive picture of what is happening in nature as scientists prepare for the future. Watch this video of how it works:

Keep the magic of the scavenger hunt going at home!

We measure what matters here at Tyler Arboretum, and what matters more than nature? You and your family can get involved:

  • What is it? Our spring scavenger hunt allows you to continue the curiosity and learning past your time within the borders of Tyler Arboretum. It is a chance to explore your relationship with nature and observe what you see around you.
  • Why it matters? Scientists help us understand the world and the impact of
  • change on our nature friends. You and your family can be Citizen Scientists, growing your mind and the set of data that supports a better understanding of our world because knowledge is power.
  • When can I start? The spring scavenger hunt continues through May!

I’m sold! How do I sign up? Wister will show you the way. Find him by the lilacs and use the QR code to get started. Yes, it’s that easy!

If you want to contribute beyond the scavenger hunt lilac activity, check out Nature’s Notebook using the link above to learn more. There are so many plants and animals to observe from your backyard!