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“…we humans have disrupted natural habitats in so many ways and in so many places that the future of our nation’s biodiversity is dim unless we start to share the places in which we live –our cities and, to an even greater extent, our suburbs — with the plants and animals that evolved there” ― Douglas Tallamy

We began with a question — “If we build paradise for the insects, are we building paradise for ourselves?”  The answer is “Yes, we are”.

For the months of August and September, our exploration will center on how to create paradise for our insect friends, and in so doing, we create our own paradise. We begin with the end in mind by showcasing six gardens of Tyler staff and volunteers who have created their paradise. View their gardens by scrolling through our Pollinator Paradise Gallery and find out the stories of the people who love nature. 

An insect’s paradise is very much like ours. It is a place that has plenty of food and shelter for the young and the well-lived. A place where our children will grow safely and a place to commune. When insects flourish, so do all the creatures that depend on them like the birds and plants.  Birds depend on insects as a food source, especially when raising nestlings. Plants have evolved to attract insects that provide pollination services in exchange for nectar or a bite to eat.  Without pollination, seeds and fruit will not be produced and our future will be in jeopardy.

We also asked ourselves, “Does our current food production meet the needs of both humans and insects?” In Southeastern Pennsylvania, we are surrounded by fields of corn, soy, and even tobacco. They are crops for us, but they are food deserts for insects.  What happens if we truly ask what we need to sustain ourselves and what we can do to sustain our friends? Do we move away from mechanized food production? Do we return to our ancestor’s way of growing, in smaller plots and with greater diversity, feeding our neighbors instead of shipping thousands of miles away? Judge for yourself.

We built Tyler Connect for people who love to explore nature, garden, or learn about conservation-wise techniques. It is available whenever you are ready.

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